Get to know Cathy:

Well, I am retired, married to Wink who I have known since I was a teenager (and that's a VERY long time!!)  I am from Alexandria, VA, but had to get away from the craziness of "city life" and moved south over 27 years ago.  My mom and brother now live in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I am mom to four 4-legged "kids" - 3 dogs (2 adopted from a local rescue, and 1 from the KG Pound), and 1 cat (adopted from KG Pound).  Wink and I bought a trailer about a year ago, and started a new page in our life.  Less than a year later and lots of fun times, we realized we really needed something roomier, and easier for us and our 4 "kids", so we recently purchased a motor home.  We are having lots of fun traveling and are currently on our last week visiting my mom/brother in SC.  Although I am now retired, I still can't get enough of being at the beach!

Why did you decide to volunteer with KGARL?

My love of animals of course, and I wanted to somehow make a difference for the unwanted animals in my community.  I knew years ago that I became much to emotional when I actually went to shelters/pounds and saw the animals that had been tossed aside, and I realized that I needed to find another way to help.  So I began with KGARL working on the weekly animal updates and building/adding to the network for the circulation of this very important part of what KGARL did.  I continued to take on more and more of the "behind the scenes" tasks for KGARL.

What is your favorite aspect of your volunteer work?

Every time I was instrumental in getting an animal out of the Pound and to the safety of a rescue or loving home, is my favorite aspect - I still get emotional when I see an animal get out.

What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

Oh gosh - I don't have just one.   I have to say that every "hard case" animal, particularly the dogs that looked like would never make it out, that finally did, is very memorable to me.  I remember each and every one!  (Like KJ, Marshmello, Skylo, and Nugget just to mention some of the many).

Anything you’d like to tell us?

Yes, I would like to thank all the new volunteers that have stepped up this year, and taken on so many crucial tasks to continue all the good work that our organization does, and what we are all about.  And, of course, a big thank you to the volunteers that have been working hard for years continuing our efforts toward our common goals of helping the unwanted, neglected, and abused animals of King George County.  And last, I am humbled and very grateful by this nomination of selecting me for this "Volunteer Spotlight" - thank you!

King George Animal Rescue League is so grateful to ALL of our wonderful volunteers. We’d like to recognize Cathy on her many volunteer efforts over the years. Here is what some of the other volunteers had to say about Cathy:

“Over the years, Cathy has spent countless hours behind the scenes, and the computer, organizing transports and rescues, membership applications, volunteers, events, meetings, and announcements.  She has also made numerous phone calls, internet searches, and email inquiries tracking down critical information.  Her contributions and dedication to KGARL are priceless.” Melissa L.

Cathy is a woman with many hats. She has helped KGARL in so many ways, from organizing transports, to getting the update out to the many different rescues, to being the go between person with rescues, and many other things. I have always enjoyed working closely with her, and having her as one of my main "go to" people.” Brandi J.

“When I was elected KGARL President in 2013 I learned quickly that Cathy was the "clockwork" which kept the hands turning with the KGARL organization.  She maintained the extensive network of contacts with animal rescue groups so vital to finding homes for all the animals.  She maintained the phone and online message centers for KGARL and responded to and sorted out all the pleas for help and questions from the outside.  With her super well-organized management skills she could keep track of everything and find it when needed to respond to the problem at hand.  She has taken the time to train others in our organization so that this system will continue to run.  I can never thank her enough for her tireless efforts to make sure KGARL provides for all the animals needing our care.” Dwight C.

"No one will ever know how much Cathy has done and how much she has sacrificed to save the animals at the pound.  She did so many "jobs," more than anyone else I know, for such a long time.  She continues to work tirelessly.  Her efforts have saved so many deserving animals.  The dogs and cats at KGAC, and everywhere, have a true blue friend in Cathy.  I am grateful for her service and her friendship." Vicki T.

“Over the years Cathy has worn almost every KGARL hat that exists!  Many of the tasks she completes are boring and thankless but absolutely necessary to run a successful organization.  I just adore Cathy for all of the time and energy she has given to KGARL and to the homeless animals of King George.  We love you Cathy!” Jess Z.

“Over the years, Cathy has done so much of the hard work that lies under the surface yet is critical to rescue.  I can't even list all the things she's done. Perhaps an example will suffice.  Cathy was amazing in dealing with a situation a couple years back, where a sick, elderly Vietnam Vet was overrun with cats (~35 inside, ~65 outside, and two dogs).  When another large rescue abandoned the project, KGARL stepped up with Cathy taking lead on multiple fronts, including working with the elderly man, delivering supplies, and coordinating with rescues to find barn homes for the outdoor cats.  Some barn cats were placed locally, while others went to new homes in nearby counties, MD and as far away as Pennsylvania.  She also coordinated the transports.  I believe she also got a local vet to donate neuters for ten male cats.  Cathy took lead for the media efforts as well.” Laurie G.

“Cathy's efforts behind the scenes have saved the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of  animals over the years. She has done so many things for KGARL and is essentially the go-to reference for everything related to what KGARL does. She is also known so well outside of King George with her connections to rescues all over the region. Anytime I talk to a rescue, they always want to know how she is doing and state that they loved working with her. And so do I! Thank you Cathy for being the voice for animals in need in King George!” Debra G.

“In my short time so far here with KGARL, I have found a true friend and mentor in Cathy. She took me under her wing and taught me so much about this organization and about animal rescue in general. I feel confident in the tasks I do because she’s taught me everything I know. She managed to train me to do my tasks while working on her NUMEROUS tasks, all with a smile. Once I realized just how much she is doing and has done for KGARL, I was amazed that one person could do so much. She is my most trusted advisor for all things KGARL and animal rescue related. Cathy is a true life saver and inspiration!” Jen D.

Want to know how much Cathy has done for KGARL? Need to be inspired? Here’s a list of the various tasks Cathy has previously done for KGARL during her time with us since becoming a member in 2008:

· POC for rescue groups pulling from KGAC

· POC for Walmart donations (Pick up/deliver to KGAC weekly)

· 2011-2013 Monitor and answer KGARL E-mailbox/Voice Mail Messages

· 2013 Board - Member at Large

· 2012 Board – VP (Jan-April)

· Communications/Social Media Coordinator

· Coordinate KGARL Meetings

· Lost/Found Animals – posting to Members/Volunteers/FB/Lost & Found sites

· Fundraising:

o Coordinator of Volunteers/Donors (Solicit volunteers for set up/manning/tear down of booth/table and solicit donors for baked goods and/or sale items)

o Help with Set Up/Manning of Fundraising Events

o Create graphics for events

o Post to KGARL FB

· Assist the Photo Teams’ Coordinator to solicit new volunteers – provide established guidelines/additional info to photo teams

· Graphics/Design of flyers, announcements, fundraisers, printed/published material/newspaper ads, banners, signs, brochures, etc.

· 2011-2013 Coordinate yearly elections; solicit nominations/organize voting/ballots

· Compile/submit yearly KGAC euth stats for posting to KGARL webpage

· Admin for KGARL FB Page

· Weekly Update (2008-2013)

o Long versions e-mail Dogs/Cats (Over 400 recipients)

o Local Flyer version (13-15 local businesses)

o Journal Press Ad

o FLS Shelter Listing

o Photos/write ups sent of Pit/Pit Mixes to Bully Paws

o New Cat Photos/write ups sent to Fancy Cats

· POC for Laurie’s medical approvals for cats

· POC for Eagle’s Nest

This lady has just about done it all! THANK YOU Cathy, for all you do!

If you are interested in becoming a member/volunteer and helping the animals of King George, please contact us!



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