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Adopting a KGARL Animal
Thank you for considering a dog or cat from the King George Animal Rescue League.  Filling out an application is the first step in our application process.  Before you apply to adopt one of our pets, we highly recommend you read the KGARL Guide to Adopting a Dog or the KGARL Guide to Adopting a Cat.

Requirements for adopting from KGARL

The KGARL rules for adopting are goverened by our Bylaws. Please read the following carefully before you submit an application. We will follow-up with your vet, landlord, and references to ensure the these requirements are met:

  1. Other animals in the home are required to be up to date on rabies vaccines, as required by law
  2. Other animals in the home are required to be up to date on other standard vaccines, as recommended by the family's veterinarian
  3. KGARL will check with your veterinarian to ensure current pets in the home are seen on a regular basis and properly cared for 
  4. Other animals in the home are required to be spayed or neutered
  5. If adopting a cat, other cats in the home need to be tested for FIV/FeLV
  6. If any member of the household has animal cruelty charges or convictions, the application will be denied
  7. If an additional animal is not approved by the landlord or home owner, the application will be denied. Please ensure your landlord agrees before we contact them
  8. Adopters are required to be twenty-one (21) or older. All adopters are required to show ID at the time of adoption

In addition to the above, the Board of Directors has the final decision authority over all adoptions. We do not adopt on a first-come-first-served basis. Our volunteers take the time to review applications, call references, and match the our foster animals to the home that is the best fit each individual animal. 

Special requirements for adopting puppies

Puppies are cute and silly and people love them, but they are a big responsibility. When you adopt a puppy, you are responsible for molding him or her into a well-mannered adult dog. In order to set our puppies up for the best future possible, we have a couple of special requirements for those that want to adopt: 

  1. All adopters of puppies (under 12 months of age) are required to attend a basic obedience or puppy class within 30 days of the adoption
  2. If you do not have other dogs in the home, we require that puppies attend doggy day care (or similar socialization) once a week
  3. Adopters of puppies must live within 90 miles of King George, Virginia
  4. Adopters must show that they have the time and the means of house training a puppy. If you work 8 hours a day, have a one hour commute and do not have a reasonable plan for house training, a puppy would not be a good fit for your lifestyle

Adoption process

Once your application is received, the application process begins.  We will review your application, check your references, check with your vet (if there are other animals in the household), speak to a landlord (if you rent), and arrange for a home visit. 

Submitting an application does not guarantee a specific dog or cat.  We strive to match the personality and needs of our foster dogs and cats to a family who will best fulfill those needs.  If a family is not approved for a particular pet, it does not mean they will not be a good pet owner, it just means that their needs and the needs of the particular pet don’t match. We do not adopt on a “first come, first served” basis. 

Please note that we do not do same day adoptions. If you are applying for a popular animal (such as puppies, small dogs, or special breeds), it can take 7-10 days for our volunteers to reach a decision that is best for the animal. We understand that it's difficult to wait, but please don't email us multiple times a day to check on the status of your application. We are a very small group and the same people that are reviewing your application are also replying to hundreds of emails and facebook messages. We are all volunteers and have full time jobs outside of KGARL, so any time spent replying to emails/messages is time we are not reviewing your application. 

Once your application is pre-approved (meaning, we don't see any red flags based on our preliminary review of your application), the applicant may be invited to meet their potential family member at a location convenient to the foster family (usually at the King George Petco).  Adoptions will NOT take place at the meet & greet, this is just a chance for us to get to know you and for you to spend time with our animals. After the meet and greet, we will ask that you spend some time thinking over your decision and we will do the same. 

After the application review process is complete (meet & greet with animal, home visit, reference/vet checks, background check, etc.), if all is acceptable to both adopter and KGARL and we all agree to move forward, we will schedule a day/time to finalize the adoption. The adopter will be asked to sign the final paperwork and we will collect the adoption fee (cash, check, or paypal are all acceptable).  At this time, you can either pick up your pet, or schedule a time to do so. Adopters will be required to schedule an appointment with their veterinarian of choice within 10 days of taking your new pet home. 

All Adoptions Include:

  • Lifetime of free advice from KGARL!
  • Spayed or Neutered Pet
  • Heartworm, FIV, Feline Leukemia Testing
  • General Wellness Check
  • Complete medical records
  • Up to date on core vaccines 
  • On Flea/Tick Preventative
  • Microchipped
  • Sample of Pet Food

Adoption Fees (unless otherwise noted in the pet's description):

  • Dogs: See pet's description  
  • Kittens: $125
  • Adult Cats: $100

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Adopting a KGAC Animal
The King George Animal Rescue League is a non-profit group of volunteers that strives to help the animals at King George Animal Control (KGAC), which is a county shelter. KGARL is not affiliated with KGAC and has no authority over animals at the shelter; the county Animal Control Officer has the final decision on all adoptions.