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The King George Animal Rescue League is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit group, striving to help improve the lives of animals in rural Virginia counties through adoption, spay/neuter and vaccination programs!  We strive to increase awareness of the plight of homeless animals in our county and educate our citizens in the proper care of pets.  Existing solely on donation, fundraisers, and limited grants, we have rescued hundreds of cats and dogs, provided funds for emergency medical care for county residents, and have spayed/neutered hundreds of animals in our community of King George and the surrounding area.

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KGARL's Programs
Animal Care
KGARL provides TLC and medical care for animals that are available for adoption. We work with the King George Petco, where we house cats that are ready to find their forever homes. KGARL foster homes also provide a safe place for homeless animals to live, until they can be adopted into a loving family. We are always in need of foster homes for cats and dogs; both long term and short term. Visit our Foster Home page to learn more about how you can help us save a life!

Helping Hounds
KGARL's Helping Hounds program exists to provide medical and foster care to hunting dogs (mostly Foxhounds, Coonhounds, and Bloodhounds) in order to move them from our local county shelters and into rescue groups or adoptive homes. Find out more about this wonderful program!

Free-Roaming Cats
KGARL provides vet care, vaccinations, and spay/neuter to stray and feral cats who are cared for by local residents and volunteers.  

Spay & Neuter Assistance
For the last 20 years, KGARL has provided financial assistance to local residents who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of spaying and neutering their pets. More details on this program, and how you can request assistance, are provided on our Spay and Neuter page.

Shelter Assistance
KGARL works with local county animal shelters to provide medical care, vaccines, and supplies to shelter animals. We work with other animal rescue groups to move the animals into foster homes. Often, this requires KGARL to fund medical care, provide short-term foster homes, and transport the animal to the other group. Because of the efforts of our volunteers, the euthanasia rate in King George County is under 5%! Learn more about our work with the shelter, and how you can help!



Highlighted Animals
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Lauren is a sweet girl who loves head pats and belly rubs. Lauren’s favorite toy is a ball and will bat it around all night long! She would do best in a quiet home with adults. 
Hey there, future forever family! My name is Amelia, and let me tell ya, I'm the doggie  of your dreams! I've got energy for days, but boy oh boy, when it comes to that plush sofa, count me in for some serious cuddle sessions! I have some sort of an adjustable button, you want me to more about Amelia
Introducing Odie!!! Odie is a sweet puppy and is the stubborn one in the litter. All of the puppies will run inside for treats and Odie will occasionally just sit at the top of the steps and stare at his foster mom. Maybe it’s a game to make her go pick him up! He loves playing with toys, more about Odie
  Mariah Catrey
Mariah Catrey is a true Diva. She has the most beautiful tabico coat, showing off her calico, spots, and stripes. Her meows are also out of this world! She has the most beautiful trilling meow we have heard of a cat, although she usually reserves these for when she meets a new kitty and wants to be more about Mariah Catrey